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Hearing from so many people about the support they received for their trips/race is completely overwhelming. We cannot tell you how great it feels to know that we are helping you all get to your destinations safely.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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Great Info!

You may have noticed we did really well on the Bermuda 1-2 leg 2 on Cordelia!

We went pretty far west, similar to the route you recommended. I wanted to steer well clear of that cold eddy sitting on the rhumb line at 36N. This seemed to have the added benefit that we seem to have caught some favorable current earlier from that warm eddy around 34N. We jumped out to a pretty good lead over the other boats in our class pretty early, and I think they all got hammered by that cold eddy.

I also think we hit the Gulf Stream at a pretty good spot, with good winds that we could muscle through and not get set too far east.

We ended up a bit east of the RL and there was a period of about 10 hours of little to no wind that last 24 hours, but everybody got hit by that.

We ended up 1st in class DH, 1st in class combined, and 2nd in fleet combined PHRF.

Thanks for the good info!

– Gail Greenwald

nb 2022

Gary Nackman

We saw on the way down peak current of 4.5 in the gulfstream. 83 degrees in the knuckle. I did purchase your services through Locus weather. Your chart was spot on!
High Note
– dr. gary nackman

newport bermuda 2022

  Although I have weather software, getting your refinements on the stream and Dana’s insights on the weather is helpful to me.  Worked well on the way down!!  We definitely took the information on our call with you and changed our plans south of the meander in the stream.  The current in eddy South of the stream was as strong as you had told us, and it made a huge difference.  2 or 3 knots of current headed your way makes a big difference. 😊I might have skipped that if you hadn’t given me your last insight.




Murray Beach

President, Business Consulting Group

(617) 905-5561

– murray beach

newport bermuda race 20ss



Thank you so much for providing this info. I was in full blown rush mode at the time I received it so I did not respond, but wanted to make sure you know that it was evaluated. Desperado, with a crew of Webb Institute students and a few alumni took 1st in class 18 and 2nd overall in the Gibbs Hill division. We will certainly consider your services in the future.



Tom Hickey

Navigator, Desperado

– tom hickey

newport bermuda race 2022

Hi Jenifer,

I just wanted to let you know that your gulfstream analysis was very accurate, and that the positive current we found was a huge factor in our overall victory! In the gulf stream we found 5+ kts for 4 and half hours and 3-4 kts on either side of the strongest current! South of the meander we found another 3+ knots in the cold eddy for another 100 miles! It was really quite incredible.

Thank you for your weekly analysis, it was a big help preparing for the race.



Adam Klyver, AIA


280 Hillside Road

Fairfield, CT 06824


– adam klyver

newport bermuda 2022

 Yacht Finale.  We had a great race! WE followed your slightly less conservative route and finished in 100 hours which was great for me first double handed race and first to Bermuda!

– tom o’connell

newport bermuda 2022

Trip down was good.  We hit the donut about where you had it.  Looks to me like a number of boats missed it and went too far to west.  The gulf stream was right on!


Andrew Weiss

Navigator Yacht Christopher Dragon

– andrew weiss

newport bermuda 2022

Your ocean current information was perfect!  We hit everything we aimed for and wanted.  Second in class!!!  Thank you!


Murray Beach

Captain  Yacht Meridian

– murray beach

newport to bermuda yacht race success

Thanks for helping Dark Storm do well and go FAST in this year’s newport to bermuda yacht race!


Ken Comerford


Yacht Dark Storm

– ken comerford

2022 Newport to Bermuda Race

21 Jenifer Clark’s  clients in the Newport Bermuda 2022 yacht race won first, second, or third in their class!!!


– jeffrey clark


Hi Jenifer,

The  double helix south of the stream near the rhumb line for nb 2022 is where Breezing Up was.  They and the boats following appear to be getting a two-know boost there, so cool!


Langley Willauer



– Langley Willauer

Great Support!!

Thank you for your guidance and support! The trip over and back were great contrasts, perhaps because TS Alex hit us while in Bermuda.   We have been supported by you in 1996, 97, 99, and now 2022. We are grateful for your service. Regards, Charles and Kathryn Hall, s/v First Light.

– jeffrey clark

Excellent Service

“Jenifer and Dane were a core part of our successful northbound, December passage from Stuart, Florida to Norfolk, Virginia, around Cape Hatteras.  Using their waypoints and forecast, we sailed 820 statute miles in under four days – a respectable passage for a 47-foot cruising sailboat.  We experienced sustained runs 9-11 knots SOG.  They were very responsive through text via our Garmin InReach and proactive in alerting us to impactful changes in the long-term forecast. 
– Adam Clay

Routing support

Shortly after wondering If we should go into Beaufort NC to get fuel the wind showed up with more enthusiasm. We were able to sail just about all the rest of the way but if it hadn’t been for Jenifer Clark’s Gulf Stream we would surely still be out there. We are anchored in behind Cuttyhunk this morning waiting for fog to lift so we can carry on more easily than we might otherwise. Thanks once again for helping us get up here in a timely fashion. We can take it from here.
Chuck and Janet
– Dane Clark

250 km Open Water Record Swim

250 km Open Water Record Swim

Jenifer Clark’s Gulfstream supported Pablo Fernández Álvarez from Madrid, Spain as he set an all time world record 250 km Open Water Swim in the Gulf Stream off the East coast of Florida on July 19-20th, 2021. This world record swim took 27 hours and was confirmed by Guinness World Records.

– Dane Clark

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