Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!

Hearing from so many people about the support they received for their trips/race is completely overwhelming. We cannot tell you how great it feels to know that we are helping you all get to your destinations safely.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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Sailboat Routing 2020

We made it to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay at 9:30 am on Friday and
made a 40 mile run for it to the Regent Point Marina near Deltaville and
we got there about 6:30 PM before the nasty wind started. Your guidance was perfect and the results were great.

Thank you and you can count on me using your service many times in the
future. You did a great job! … Kent Reidling

– Kent Reidling

TUG Trip

Thank you very much Dane for your valuable and accurate reports for the Katherine’s (tug) trip. We look forward to working with you in the future.

– Grant Westmorland

100 km Open Water Record Swim

With the assistance of Jenifer Clark’s Gulfstream, Pablo Fernández Álvarez from Madrid, Spain set an 100 km Open Water Record Swim in the Gulf Stream off of South Florida on July 30th, 2019. Pablo set the fastest solo, non-stop, ocean 100 km swim in history, as confirmed by Guinness World Records.

– Dane Clark

Scallywag wins the 2019 Transatlantic Race

“Thank you Jenifer, just passing the Scilly Isles, with Wizard dropping out of sight behind us. Going to be a busy night with light airs and tidal gates all the way up the channel” …Miles

– Miles Seddon

Super Gulf Stream Maps

Many thanks for the Gulf Stream maps and return routing suggestions. They helped out 2nd in class victory and a 5 day trip back. I look forward to meeting you (MB race).

– Dr. Paul Kanev

“Surfing” the Waves

Good Morning! Can’t tell you both how wonderful it has been to have the use of Jenifer’s Gulf Stream and Dane’s wind all night long. Had the place all to ourselves too, no ships. We have been averaging about 10 knots and we see ourselves touching into the mid twelves when we surf ahead on a wave now and again. Thank you once again for your help. Chuck and Janet

– Chuck and Janet on SV "Solitude"

Marion-Bermuda 2019

Jenifer, thanks again for an excellent read on the Gulf Stream. Your charts are must-haves for us when we set out on one of our races, and we always seem to do pretty well! Especially this year! Cordelia placed first overall, first celestial, and first in the short-handed division. Dane’s weather forecast was also spot on.

– Gail Greenwald

Will use you guys again!!

Of all the forecast tools we had available, yours was the ONLY one that nailed weather at our arrival, as well as weather enroute. It gave me a lot of confidence in you two to see thunderstorms, high winds and high seas between the GS and our destination. It also gave me ulcers and a lot more grey …

Thanks for your professional product and EXCELLENT customer service! I’ll definitely contact you two for our next trip up the ‘Stream. Gratefully, TD


Bermuda 2018

I’ve raced to Bermuda 6 times and each time we’ve had Jenifer and her charts with us. If there was ever a year to have “The Queen of the Stream” on board, 2018 was the year to do so. With so many features to the stream, especially south of the stream, it was incredibly helpful to have Jenifer’s charts and expertise. There were a number of very fine features and by and large, pretty darn close to where they were plotted by Jenifer. We were able to fine tune our way by carefully watching temp changes, speed through weather vs GPS speed and also by looking for clouds. A great help. Also of great value were her charts and analysis leading up to the race. It helped us define our strategy early on and then overlay wind/weather as race day approached. I have also found that many of the publicly available Gulf Stream resources are no longer available which makes Jenifer’s analysis all the more valuable.

– Stephen Burton


I’ve been receiving Gulf Stream information from Jenifer since 2002 and would not attempt a trip without her support. Her routing has been far more reliable than any other source and she helps shave hours or days off of passages.

– Sean Lucey | SV Dragonera

Ocean Charts

The stream crossing is, of course, the most critical…. and your information has been enormously helpful.  We have had remarkable experiences that prove that.  (On one)… we were running north on Egraine and crossed a 65 foot boat on the rhumb line.  He was chatty and assumed we would be left in his wake, given his longer waterline and more powerful rig.  For three days, following your chart, we zig zagged and crossed him several times, eventually popping up in front him by several miles.  By the end of the third day he wouldn’t answer our hails and didn’t want to talk to us.

– Tim Glynn

Couldn’t have done it without you

Jenifer & Dane, we made it safely to Cuba after a wild ride across the Florida Straights! We are happy to report that we came in second in our division as well as second overall in our class (10 or so boats)! Thanks for everything, we couldn’t have done it without you two!

– Chad Knaepple

Very comfortable

We are comfortably resting in Cork, Ireland. Thank you for your excellent forecasting (across the Atlantic). It was a long and sometime rough trip but we all are in good spirits. With the crew returning home. Thanks again to you both

– Blair Pyne

Thanks again!

Thank u for all your help. your routing was excellent and in the final analysis it was the “blue line” as u predicted that helped us achieve our 3rd place in our class w/in our division.

– John Hummler

Very crucial

The ocean current and weather forecasts were essential in our winning!

– Ryan Finn

What an opportunity

…We have recently had the opportunity to compare your charts to a set of proprietary measured current data we collected over a one year period in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Since we were recording data within subsurface moored instruments recovered only every few months, this was a completely blind test of your real-time charts to measurements. Basically we are extremely impressed. Your charts decisively depicted the features causing the periods of strong upper layer currents we measured. We are not sure how you do it but want to congratulate you on making a fine contribution to real-time oceanography.

– David Szabo

Really helpful

Thanks again for the analysis for leg 5. They really helped us through the Brazilian Current. We went on the eastern side of the warm eddies with favorable currents, while other boats further west had 2-3 knots of current against!! This helped us come from 7th place in the leg to 3rd place in this leg…

– Juan Vila

Very informative

Your presentation to our group of Corinthian Sailors was outstanding! The participants indicated that it was the most informative and enjoyable Corinthian-sponsored event they have experienced in some time.

– Paul Marcoux

He won!

Ron Corbin, on Yacht “Still Crazy” won first in his class in the Charleston to Bermuda race and attributed it to the superb routing package Jenifer Clark prepared for him.

– Ron Corbin

Thank you very much

Jenifer, thanks very much for the package of information…We used it and got second place out of 24 starters .. most of the boats that followed the rhumb line were very slow. Viva la stream

– David Anderson

Great job

“Great job on the Bermuda Race currents this year. Our current set/drift numbers seemed to match your predictions for the entire 600 miles. Keep up the good work!”

– Ed Adams


“with your help, we won the Annapolis-Bermuda race!”

– David Mooberry

Very Impressed!

“I have used your services in the past and was incredibly impressed by your routing and the resulting speed with which I got to Bermuda.”

– Hector Miranda

Thank you!

“Thanks to your weather and ocean routing info, we decided to delay our trip and avoided life-threatening conditions from a storm that produced 50 kt winds and 20 ft seas!”

– Mark Wright, Captain of Tara Rose

We made it!

“Well we made it successfully. The chart you provided was invaluable. The flow was right where you said it would be. Also Dane’s forecast was spot on. We made 186 miles the first 24 hrs, a feat unmatched by my friend in his Wahquiez 38 in all of his Pacific cruising, undoubtedly due to the use of the stream. Due to wind direction and an error on my part we cut a couple of corners but basically followed your routing all the way. We were both quite impressed with the service and would like to show it around to friends.”

– Robb Worthington

Huge Benefit!

Hi Jenifer: It was a pleasure to meet with you in St. Petersburg before the start of the St Pete-Isla Mujeres race. Your information, analysis, and charts were a huge benefit to us in formulating our race plan for the race. We were the 4th boat to finish overall and corrected to 4th place in the spinnaker division . . . we did very well using your analysis of the stream. Thanks again for the routing, which I also used for the return trip which we completed in 58 1/2 hours. I look forward to working with you in the future.

– Bob Armstrong, Tripp Tease