Personal seminars are available during the weekend in our home.

Spend a day with ocean and weather experts Jenifer Clark and Dane Clark to prepare for an upcoming race, plan an ocean voyage or just to to learn more about ocean and weather features that affect ocean going vessels. During this seminar, you will learn the keys to effectively planning optimal routing using the latest information from Jenifer’s real-time ocean current maps (and new digital formats) along with the latest weather and ocean model information. Also learn how to use ocean and weather data to improve your safety-at-sea.

The Seminar is presented in one full day for up to six participants. Free housing is available and home cooked meals are served during the day. An important part of the Seminar is our 38 year record of offshore sailboat races and the details of many success stories from sailors. It also includes handouts, how to use ocean and weather resources on the web, and several ocean and weather exercises.


Single Day Seminar

Jenifer Clark’s Gulfstream produces standard ocean and weather charts and forecasts (from a purely science viewpoint) and produces waypoints as general guidance to the mariner indicating where favorable ocean currents are located. Each participant and crew understands and agrees that the decision to sail, start, select a course, or continue with a sailing race or voyage rests entirely with that boats skipper and crew, that sailing, particularly in an ocean, is an inherently risky venture and that no assurances are being made as to the safety of the event or trip as to the conditions that may be encountered, the seaworthiness or condition of any participants boat, the decisions made by each skipper and crew, or any other matter of any kind that could relate to the safety of each person participating and the property thereof. Therefore, each person participating in these type events assumes all risk and responsibility of participating and sailing, and to the fullest extent allowed by law, equity or admiralty, releases, forever discharges and forever waives each and every claim that each person may have or come to have, whether known or unknown, against Jenifer Clark’s Gulfstream (JCG) including Dane and Jenifer Clark, from any and all claims, suits, or causes of action of any kind, however denominated, whether sounding in law, equity or admiralty, arising out of or relating to the event.