Bermuda 2018

I’ve raced to Bermuda 6 times and each time we’ve had Jenifer and her charts with us. If there was ever a year to have “The Queen of the Stream” on board, 2018 was the year to do so. With so many features to the stream, especially south of the stream, it was incredibly helpful to have Jenifer’s charts and expertise. There were a number of very fine features and by and large, pretty darn close to where they were plotted by Jenifer. We were able to fine tune our way by carefully watching temp changes, speed through weather vs GPS speed and also by looking for clouds. A great help. Also of great value were her charts and analysis leading up to the race. It helped us define our strategy early on and then overlay wind/weather as race day approached. I have also found that many of the publicly available Gulf Stream resources are no longer available which makes Jenifer’s analysis all the more valuable.

– Stephen Burton