Race Date: June 15


Ocean and Weather Pre-Race Briefing: Get the latest information right before you depart from Jenifer and Dane Clark, supporting Newport to Bermuda Yacht Race’s for 38 years: Location Newport Marriott Hotel on June 15, 2018  Time: 8:15 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. (2 crew members). Cost: $425 (extra crew members, up to two – $75 each)

Note:  If you hire another company for weather, you can still get the entire Jenifer Clark’s Gulfstream Ocean package.   The package can be picked up prior to our prerace seminar between 8am and 8:15am on June 15th .   Cost: $295

Other Services:  for pre-race briefing clients:

CREW BRIEFING– June 14th timeslots available for sign-up from 10AM to 9PM (limited availability). Location Newport Marriott Hotel.  Bring the entire crew for a private discussion w/Jenifer & Dane.  Cost: $195

OCEAN CHARTS – 10-pack of ocean color SST charts with Jenifer’s analysis (one per week e-mailed to you for 10 weeks prior to the start) for studying the configuration and movement of the gulfstream and eddies over time to plan and practice tactics.

Cost $40/chart – ($50/chart if 1-9 charts are ordered)

LARGE NOAA NAVIGATION CHART – with Jenifer’s forecast Gulfstream and expected ocean currents along the Rhumbline. Laminated or un-laminated.

Cost $295

GRID FILES – Expedition & Deckman for Windows (ocean currents)   Cost: $95

RETURN TRIP ROUTING – (discounted) Cost: $185

NEW PRODUCT – GRIB file (not grid) with predicted ocean ready for expedition:   $200


For more information or to sign-up call Jenifer @  410-286-5370