ARC World Cruising Rallies – Multiple events

Race Date: November 25


Jenifer and Dane Clark will again be providing professional routing information for clients in 2018 ARC World Cruising Rallies as they did for clients in the 2017 ARC Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia Rally.

The routing team analyzes the ocean conditions every day to provide the latest information on world ocean currents – as Jenifer has been a recognized U.S. oceanographer for over 40 years.  Dane, also with over 40 years of experience as a Marine Meteorologist, provides information about hazardous weather and dangerous wave events expected during the Rallies.

The main products include: ocean and weather consultations (before and during the Rally), and before you depart provide catered weather forecasts, ocean maps, and recommended waypoints (sent by e-mail) to help in taking advantage of favorable ocean currents and avoiding unfavorable ones, as well as details on winds expected during the Race.  They also provide updates upon requests for all the Rallies – for routing information, consultations and safety concerns related to weather.

Routing Fee:  Call for quotes (410-286-5370)