Race Date: June 8


Ocean and Weather Pre-Race Briefings: Get the latest information right before you depart from Jenifer and Dane Clark, supporting Annapolis to Bermuda Yacht Race for 38 years: Briefing will be in the Annapolis area on June 8, 2018  Time:  7:30 – 8:30 a.m.  (2 crew members).   Cost: $325

Other Services for pre-race briefing clients:

OCEAN CHARTS – 10 pack of ocean charts (one a week for 10 weeks prior to the start) for studying the configuration and movement of the gulfstream and eddies over time to plan and practice tactics. $35/chart, b/w and +$10/chart for color with SSTs.

LARGE NOAA NAVIGATION CHART – with Jenifer’s forecast Gulfstream and expected ocean currents along the Rhumbline. Laminated or un-laminated.   Cost $195

GRID FILES – Expedition & Deckman for Windows (ocean currents)  Cost: $95

RETURN TRIP ROUTING – (discounted) Cost: $175

NEW PRODUCT – GRIB file (not grid) with predicted ocean ready for expedition:   $200